Charla de Stallman eliminada de Youtube

Hace unos minutos he eliminado la charla subtitulada que dio Stallman hace un mes de Youtube, cumpliendo así con sus deseos de no aparecer en el servicio de videos.

Como ya se comentó hace unos días, el video subido a Youtube de una charla de Richard Stallman ha creado polémica ya que no se han respetado sus deseos de no aparecer en Youtube. Con su eliminación de este servicio, el problema queda solucionado.

La respuesta del equipo de CCC fue la siguiente:
«Apreciamos de verdad tu trabajo. Sabemos la gran cantidad de tiempo que hace falta para hacer unos buenos subtítulos.

Puedes subir los subtítulos pero no en formato .ass sino en formato SRT, SSA, SBV, DFXP, TXT y VTT. Si tienes problemas con la conversión, puedes escribirnos un correo electrónico. Puedes encontrar la información de contacto aquí:

Así como en los subtítulos del 30C3, los del 31C3 se sincronizarán con los servidores ftp. Esto está todavía en desarrollo. Pero se pueden descargar o ver también vía Amara.

Si quieres traducir más videos del 31c3 al español, puedes usar los enlaces proporcionados en la descripción de los videos en Youtube (excepto en los del señor Stallman) en el canal

Además tenemos nuestra propia página web en desarrollo. Desafortunadamente no está terminada. Será anunciada en @c3subtitles cuando esté terminada.

Estoy seguro de que muchos usuarios hipanohablantes apreciarán más subtítulos en español. En la mayoría de los casos es mejor comenzar con el idioma original primero porque de esa forma los códigos de tiempo se pueden reutilizar para las traducciones, lo que hace el trabajo mucho menos costoso.

Si prefieres una forma diferente a Amara para crear subtítulos, no hay ningún problema, puedes subirlos también.

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda.»

A partir de ahora, el video subtitulado se puede visualizar desde el portal Amara a través de la siguiente dirección:

Para saber todo lo ocurrido, puede echar un vistazo a los inicios de la polémica por el video.

La transcripción se puede seguir leyendo en la entrada original.

Para que quede constancia, a continuación se van a pegar los mensaje originales publicados en Youtube ya que estos desaparecen al eliminar el video:


Lukasz Dudek
hace 3 semanas

What ever, You heard one of first things he said about uploading on YT, and uploaded the vid?

You have been there?

Thats what I think:

Apart from what You believe in, this is lack of respect, to get clicks.

hace 3 semanas

Well, you are right in part but Stallman is just giving his opinion about Youtube wich is respectable but it is not The Absolute Truth.

This is a modified version of the original video published by CCC under Creative Commons BY licence wich permits to modify and redistribute this video giving the credits (that is done here).

This video is intended to be for the Spanish speaking comunity who can find an entry in my blog where I explain why I uploaded this modified version of the video to Youtube.

Since in the video description you can find a link to the WebM file, I don’t think this upload means lack of respect: the user has the choice to watch it from the original (free) source if s/he wants.


Lukasz Dudek
hace 3 semanas (editado)

Yes, i get you, but couldn’t You just make subs to video that is linked to download on CCC? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a RMS worshiper, but guy nicely asked people there, and that seems to me kinda awkward as if i don’t want to be filmed, or if someone does record me and i ask him to not to do what u basically did – u see my point?

All doe I do agree wit RMS in many fields, like his feelings about the flash 🙂 and vendors locking.


hace 2 semanas

As being involved in the 31C3 subtitles project, I think it is quite cool, that you invested much work in creating spanish subtitles to make it possible for people, who are not so fluent in English, to follow this talk.

From our perspective it would be even cooler, if you contributed within the c3subtitles project, so people could also access spanish subtitles on the original source ( where we are developing an interface for viewing and downloads of subtitles created for the talks (although we’d prefer it if subtitles are created in original language first, because that would mean the timing process would have to be done only once and all translations can profit from that).

Therefore we would have appreciated it, if your subtitles would be available for this, too, which is not the case here.

Also, we must admit, we would also have preferred, if you’d have respected Mr Stallmans wish, not to be put on Youtube, because we think it is part of his idea that he shows in his talk, not to do this.

At the VERY least we would also have preferred, if you’d choose the creative commons license for this video, AS this is the license the original file was released under, as you can see at 1:02:05.

Best regards,

hace 2 semanas

+Lukasz Dudek +c3subtitles
Hi. I posted this video on Youtube because this site is the most viewed video-site in the Internet. That means that there is a lot of people that can find this video to watch it thanks to has been posted on Youtube. If it was not here, a lot of people would never watch it, not because it is not available but the source is not know. I am sure that the most majority of views until now are thank to Youtube and those views never would happens otherwise. So if this video is not published on Youtube, for a lot of people it is like it is not published at all: it was like it did not exists.

From my point of view, to delete this video from Youtube would be censorship. Stallman is promoting censorship against his own speech. On the other hand he says that for freedom, some convenience sacrifice would be ok. So sacrifice convenience just to get convenience has no sense. But sacrifice convenience to get freedom has sense. In this case, to delete this video (or not to post it in Youtube) because there is a proprietary JavaScript program in there, is to sacrifice freedom to get freedom. To delete this video from Youtube because it uses a very little JavaScript proprietary program to run HTML5 videos is as nonsensical as to sacrifice convenience just to get convenience.

BUT, you are right. Stallman desires were that this speech was not in Youtube and that should be respected. So please, tell me the CCC subtitle project website-platform and/or an email address of the project chief/responsible and I will send the original .ASS Spanish subtitle file under Creative Commons BY license.

I don’t like this at all but I will delete this video from my Youtube channel when the Spanish subtitles are available in the original source, not because I am agreed with Mr. Stallman but because he pleased not to upload it to Youtube and maybe his desires should be accomplished (I am actually not sure about this).

The freedom of speech will lose against the freedom of the software. I deeply regret this but as you said, this is what Stallman wants for this video.


PS: By the way, Mr. Stallman said “please put on the recording the Creative Commons no derivatives license because this is a presentation in my point of view”. As member of C3, you should push too to change the video license from current Creative Commons BY license to please Mr. Stallman desires.

PS2: I don’t earn money or something like that posting videos on Youtube. To create subtitles is a very huge work that costs me tens of hours per video. It is a lot of time that I invest for make available talks and presentations to people that cannot understand English. That is the only reason. There is no profit for me.

hace 2 semanas

We really appreciate your work. We know how much time is needed to create good subtitles.

You can upload them here: unfortunately not as .ass file. But as  SRT, SSA, SBV, DFXP, TXT, and VTT format.
If you have trouble with converting you can also write an email to us. You can find the contact information here:

Like the subtitles from the 30c3 the ones from 31c3 will also get synced back to the ftp servers. This is still in development right now. But they can be downloaded or watched via amara too.

If you want to translate more videos from the 31c3 to spanish you can use the links provided in the description box of every youtube video (except Mr. Stallmans) in the VOC channel:
We also have our own webpage in development, unfortunately not finished yet. It will be announced on our twitter @c3subtitles if done.

I am sure a lot of spanish speaking users would appreciate even more subtitles in spanish
In most cases it is best to start with the orignal language first, because this way the time-stamps can be reused for the translation which makes the process much less work intense.
If you prefer a different way than amara to create subtitles, this is no problem at all, you can upload them there too.

Thx a lot for your help.